detergents and soaps in ghana pdf

Success Stories from Enterprises in Ghana- detergents and soaps in ghana pdf ,Gilsan Manufacturing Company was established in 2006 in Weija, Ghana. It specialises in the production of detergents and liquid soaps and serves markets in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Benin. To date the company has completed three modules of SCORETHE SCIENCE OF SOAPS AND DETERGENTSThe cleaning action of both soaps and detergents results from their ability to emulsify or disperse water-insoluble materials (dirt, oil, grease, etc.) and hold them in suspension in water. This ability comes from the molecular structure of soaps and detergents


Palmolive) whose presence is mainly felt in a few submarkets, such as laundry detergents and traditional bar soaps. Therefore, although it would be difficult to battle the big companies in such mass market areas, it is quite possible for small companies to in a 2. ...

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